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Lotus ❊ ([personal profile] keybroad) wrote2017-05-13 03:10 pm

TNDG DAY 7: Loaded Observation Organization Session

[Lotus has decisively left Rohan and Mac unsupervised for exactly one period of time, instructing them to procure any guitars they need at their convenience.

She returns with meals to use as bait luring them into her lair - in addition to the standard fries, there is a chicken sandwich and mineral water for Rohan, a quarter pounder and ice tea for herself, and a whopper and light beer for Mac. Here they are in the conference room of the sci-fi set. A keyboard is off to the side by the edge of the table where papers with lyrics and sheet music are strewn. There is a consistent scent of smoke from the adjoining room; faint, clearly from a candle and not a concerning fire.

Most of the table is taken up by articles of clothing. A white hoodie, a white lab coat, a white blazer; golden and teal necklaces and beads and bow ties and neckties and chokers; black slacks, black leather pants, black skinny jeans; a spectrum of teal shirts ranging from loose tees to glorified brassieres.]

So I figure we should get our outfits settled and then we can have dress rehearsals soon without changing anything. What are we going for, characters? Same color, different color? Just ourselves but edgy?

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