keybroad: (Flush)
Lotus ❊ ([personal profile] keybroad) wrote2027-04-23 02:11 am



1. If you want to opt out of interaction with Lotus for any reason, or not speak to me, say the word.

2. 999 is a canon with lots of spoilers and even Lotus having opinions about the other characters present in-game is kind of itself a spoiler. The first time that 999 spoilers are mentioned within a thread I will try to put "999 spoilers" in the subject line. However you can comment to make me as spoiler free as possible within our own threads.

3. CONTENT WARNING FOR DEPRESSION/SI/SUICIDE, 999 ALTERNA NOVEL SPOILERS: tl;dr if even slight implications of this are undesirable LMK and I will keep it out

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