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Lotus ❊ ([personal profile] keybroad) wrote2017-05-04 09:20 pm

6 999s + 3 Ushiromiyas (TNDG Day 6)

((CONTENT WARNING: Extremely dubious and detailed discussion of teenager's assisted suicide in the Help A Robot thread??? There is also a lot of yelling in some of the other threads that has dubious properties due to domestic context IT'S BEEN A MONTH SINCE THIS LOG AND I WASN'T IN ALL THE THREADS SO PEOPLE PLEASE HELP ME IF THERE ARE CONTENT WARNINGS I AM NOT INCLUDING...))

[It is the morning after the tattoo game and the ominous vote distribution. Breakfast of milkshakes and whatever else people brought is set out on a conference table in the sci-fi set. Through the doorways, from the room where these people all sleep, there is a faint smoke from the candle at the shrine for Seven, a counter with a portrait, water, and fruit.

Lotus lifts her eyebrows once everyone is there.]

Hip hip hooray, let's face the day.

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