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((Content warning arguably Lotus experiencing suicidal ideation again and trying to split the other game characters into worthy or unworthy of continued life.))

[Lotus comes knocking on the door of Zelda's dressing room.]

Hey, Zelda, is everything okay? How's the search for a volunteer going?
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[Opening her door, surprised she's getting visitors. It's not like she spends a lot of time in here so Lotus is lucky to catch her there really.]

Hello Lotus. Not well, I'm afraid. Nobody has come forth yet.

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You don't have to volunteer if you don't want to, Lotus.

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[Zelda is taken aback by the outburst, but tries not to show it. She takes a step closer to Lotus, firmly.]

Of course there is hope. There's no reason for you to throw your life away, I will not ask you to die for me Lotus. Why do you think it must be you?

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You're right. We do need to develop something like that, or else it's going to become quite cutthroat out there. But I don't imagine we'll be overwhelmed with volunteers this early on.

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I think there's merit in finding out, and establishing an order if we can. Minds are likely to change in the future, so we need to keep a record of that too. I'm sure if I asked, and we had time to properly establish a strategy, then at least a few would come forward.
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What value, exactly, would you ascribe to 4?

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I won't keep track of a list that volunteers people to die.
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I'm willing to keep track of people that would go to the hotel, when we have the chance. I'm willing to keep track of who wants to win their grand prize, although those playing competitively might not be so forward with this. My goal here is to save lives, Lotus.


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It's a life they can escape, where they have a chance. They have more of that hope you were talking about earlier than us, Lotus. I have no interest in lying down and accepting there's nothing to be done.