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TNDG day 6

[Holding a bag of fast food and a glass of iced tea, Lotus walks out of the fast food buffet towards a table, giving a wide berth to the bar where sits a reeking corpse.

As she sits down, she locks eyes with Rohan, who is presumably somewhere in the common area.]

Hey there, Rohan. Are you having lunch soon? I know it's disgusting, but we probably shouldn't outright skip it.
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[ The fast food diet is getting old. This man has been living on french fries and the occasional chicken sandwich when he can. ]

I'm picking at it just to keep my stomach at a dull roar. I can sit for a while though. Did you need something?
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[ If it gets him to stick around. ]

You aren't the only one who the game is weighing on. It's hard to say anything with all of the encroaching ears. You can start.
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That's a loaded question. [ Mostly a loaded gun. ] With powerhouses like Junpei, Niles and Santa? I'm not counting on it being likely. I should be less pessimistic but people like them consistently gather the most votes and it's only a matter of time until our numbers thing out enough that, well...

We won't be as lucky anymore with just one each.
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I have to accept one of those, don't I? [ Also leaning in. ] I risked death at home more than once for causes less empty than this. Trust me, I don't want to die-- especially after what I just got out of back home. Not everyone is what they seem. Parsing that into enough people who may make it into the final five.

I don't think I am going to make it that far because I can't trust most of the people here as far as I can throw them. I can use either arm to draw with but I can't throw for shit. My lack of a desire for extended alliances is my own fault...
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I'll go as far as they let me go. [ Rohan's gaze falls downward. ] Selfish as it may be, I'm not one to go through sacrificing myself for anyone. As far as this conversation, I'm surprised that you trust me enough to confide in me.

If I had to, I would convince Okuyasu to go to the hotel if it meant saving my own hide. He is my only connection to anyone outside of here, but he by far one of the weakest links here. My strategy in general is to find those links.

And not end up becoming one. That's why I was so pissed at the last game when I didn't get a shot at being in the top. I didn't appreciate having my skill look inferior to those who don't deserve it. It made me look like a weak link.
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I'm going to believe that Zelda is playing fairly for now. Her recording power and organization will come in handy.

[ He snatches a fry from her bag unceremoniously-- ]

Do you peg her as someone who-- once the herd thins out --will start... Say, swaying the views of others to keep those close to her in the green zone? Hypothetically.
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[ Oh. Listen to this: ]

Did I tell you I almost gave Frank my first vote?
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[ Chinhands. ]

I had two votes at the time. One I gave to Nijimura because he was too lazy to get any. The second I had not made a decision on yet. When Zelda spoke to me, she told me that Frank had not figured out what to do with his vote yet.

I wasn't sold on letting it go yet, so I was intending on asking you first. When you politely declined, my vote went to Emily instead.

Oh~ Look at how that could have turned out~

We wouldn't be having this conversation!