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TNDG Day 6

[Lotus is in her dressing room sitting at the vanity as the robot arm touches up her makeup. Nice thick mascara in case somebody dies that she'd have to look sad about in public. The door is cracked. In her peripheral vision, she sees the flash of purple coming towards her.]

What's up, June? Want to use my makeup machine, going for a more "hot" look?
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I have my own. No, I need to talk to you.
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We agree that, for trying to target Santa, 【Ene】 is the most immediate threat, right?
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I know that you're good with computers, but when Zelda asks for volunteers who say they are, I'd suggest you don't say that. If you know anyone else who is also good with computers, you might want to tell them that admitting it would make it more likely for them to be sent to the 【hotel】, at least for this round.

Zelda and I have been talking about trying to see if Ene would or could be sent to the hotel, to try to hack the machinery that's in there and maybe let the rest of us out, but if someone says they're better with computers than her then it might not work.
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I'm not saying to hide what you do, exactly, just if you're asked not to say if you think you'd be better than anyone else at trying to hack the computers in the hotel.

You can just stay here, I don't see what the problem with that would be. If you don't want to stay here, and you end up in the group, just say that Ene would be more qualified than you would be to try to change the programs in the hotel. You might want to do that anyway, so that Zelda can be sure that Ene is the most qualified person available.
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No, I don't know very much about her. Still, if anyone would be capable of physically interfacing with anything, the one who could probably be the hardware herself at need seems like she'd have a better chance than any of the rest of us.

I have no idea if she's the most qualified here. I just know that if she's trying to get people to leave members of our group to die in cruel ways like that, I want her somewhere else.
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[June laughs a little as well, just at the absurdity of the image. It probably shouldn't be laughed at, really. Oh well.]

I was thinking of something a little less permanent, honestly, but that would be the idea.
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i mean. yes.

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Of course I'm not. I've only talked to Zelda, and all I did was point out that we were given less votes this round, and that they might continue to give us less if we didn't "play by the rules" that they provided. Also that if none of us were able to escape, we would need to send someone to the hotel every week to make sure that as many people did survive as possible, if that was the goal.

Then I said that Ene might be able to help us escape if she was sent to the hotel. I don't know if it will happen, but the idea is certainly there, and I wanted to make sure you knew.
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I'm not sure that anything will come of it, but it is somewhere to start....