keybroad: (Smile)
Lotus ❊ ([personal profile] keybroad) wrote2017-05-21 07:32 pm

TNDG Day 9: Second Date

[Lotus is hanging outside the prop room. Not far from that door, there's a second, unfamiliar opening in the wall. Those golden high-heels are sitting in the genkan, though maybe it's hasty to use that description when the rest of the room that is currently blocked off with drills running. Lotus is already wearing sleek navy blue roller skates with teal wheels, matching the navy blue sweatpants and teal-printed white T-shirt that she had already been wearing. There are black skates with purple wheels in her hands. Her body thrums with a nervous energy that may be more than the vacillations of her roller blades on the ground; Kyrie may be sufficiently familiar with the signs to deduce that Lotus has consumed a serious quantity of caffeine that just now really started to kick in.

She locks eyes with Kyrie and chipperly greets her with a cliche:]

It's okay, I just got here myself~

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