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TNDG Day 9: Second Date

[Lotus is hanging outside the prop room. Not far from that door, there's a second, unfamiliar opening in the wall. Those golden high-heels are sitting in the genkan, though maybe it's hasty to use that description when the rest of the room that is currently blocked off with drills running. Lotus is already wearing sleek navy blue roller skates with teal wheels, matching the navy blue sweatpants and teal-printed white T-shirt that she had already been wearing. There are black skates with purple wheels in her hands. Her body thrums with a nervous energy that may be more than the vacillations of her roller blades on the ground; Kyrie may be sufficiently familiar with the signs to deduce that Lotus has consumed a serious quantity of caffeine that just now really started to kick in.

She locks eyes with Kyrie and chipperly greets her with a cliche:]

It's okay, I just got here myself~
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You're awfully chipper!

[Must be all that caffeine. Did she chug a whole whack of coffee during her first date?]

I have to warn you, I've never tried roller skating before. But I'm not terrible on the ice.
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oh how did I miss this notif

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We can trade the gentlemanly role, you can hang off my arm when we head to dinner, or the bar, whatever it is we're doing.

[But she's also brought a bouquet of flowers in blues and whites, which she offers up. That's gentlemanly anyway!]
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It seems like the number of votes allowed for one person capped at three anyway. I'm just glad to know I captured your heart so easily!

[She laughs, holding out her feet one at a time for the skates.]

I wonder if any of Simon's were really honest or if he's just that good at playing the game.
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I would have thought that was Rosa for sure. I'm sure she's awfully popular, and for good reason...
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I feel a little bad for her that she ended up with Zelda and me, no one to even think about taking an actual date with... It's not exactly a good time or place to look for a mate, but it might have been a good distraction. At least you have Ronove, he would make a nice househusband.
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Rhys, Dennis... That's probably about it though. At least, who are in the right age range and would be interested in a woman. I've heard she goes for older men though, so in that case she's out of luck anyway.
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[Look she might be into women too, but she doesn't know! Try it and find out Lotus, fight, win!!]

That sounds great - especially the snide commentary part, but I'm interested to hear your thoughts on Japanese vs Western styles too.

[Doing the gentlemanly thing, she offers her arm for Lotus to take.]
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It's true, I feel a bit strange about it in this sort of setting, with plenty of non-Japanese people around. It's so loaded down in the workplace especially, it's hard to stop... But the stress of picking the right way of referring to someone can be pretty intense! This feels more relaxed, I like it.

And I definitely don't mind being just "Kyrie" to you.
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I certainly understand why you choose to keep to the codename, but if thing were getting hot and heavy, that might be about the time for proper names anyway, don't you think?

Or you could just take it as a bit of role-playing. Spicing things up.
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Don't tell me you've told Rosa and not me? I'm hurt, Lotus-san!

[She laughs, but don't think she doesn't notice and wonder.]

What number would I even be?
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That sounds like a secret agent, or something out of a gangster movie, I'll take it!
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Is that what you got? Why don't we watch it tomorrow, then? It's hard to make plans too far in advance when we have no idea what's going to happen. As many people are we can crowd around a screen?
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What kind of person do you think I am, if black coats and guns are enough to sway me?

[She laughs, giving Lotus's arm a little squeeze.]

That sounds great, another one of your hobbies shared then.
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Clothes, I didn't see anyone but soldiers wearing western style clothes for the longest time, and never wore them myself until college. Anything that takes an hour and several people to put on is just ridiculous.

[Especially being her shape and having to pad out all her curves to make it lay flat.]
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I get the feeling Rudolf will make Ange wear pants under hers when she gets to that age... You must have been pretty cute in that though! I'm a little jealous, my family was too hung up on tradition so I didn't even go to school. But I remember my sister getting her first uniform and looking like a real modern woman.
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[That drift makes Kyrie reach out to take her hands to keep her from going backwards entirely.]

Well I had homeschooling! And I went to university!
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[She laughs, and is glad to go along with the very cheesy but nonetheless cute skating trick.]

Exactly! I thought "I want to be that guy"~
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No holding his shoes on by clenching his toes together! Real pockets! Short hair.

What about you, have you always been a big city, technology loving girl? You've heard my embarrassing, ignorant past, you've got to have something too right?
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You look like you've always known a thing or two about keeping active. Rollerskating must be good for your legs, actually...

[But the bras, oh, man.]

When I was going off to Tokyo, an uncle was the one who brought me western clothes to take, only bras didn't occur to him. I spent the first week of university full nipple.
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Well at first I didn't really think anything of it, when someone else finally pointed it out I started wearing sarashi and I finally got a chance to go shopping on a day off. Some other girls took pity on me and took me out.
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Oh, did you wear a white gown? Shinto weddings do look nice, but western style is really chic, I bet you looked great!
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Small, simple ceremonies are nice though, ours was like that too. It's less of a headache.

[Between her family being estranged and Rudolf's being small, it was probably mostly employees...]

What was the date, I'll come crash it with Rosa.