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TNDG Day 9: First Date

[Lotus is perched at a barstool, writing down the fourth round version of the lite brite board on a notepad. Her seat is within arms reach of the long table that has rolled out with the food for the date; hors d'oeuvres, some sweet, some pretty substantial like sandwiches, the type of thing you see at a conference and can get away with eating as your food for the whole evening if you manage to fight your way through the crowd for seconds.]

The boards will probably be easier to work with if you take them down first, then put them flat over there.

[She points at a nearby pool table.]
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Got it!

[He'll get right to work on that, munching on a sandwich as he does.]
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It's nice to have a visual guide for everybody. And it's too much work for one person, anyway. It's everybody's responsibility.

[Separating pegs into careful piles.]
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Yeah, there's no reason why it shouldn't look nice.

...Hey, do you mind if I rearrange these a little? I promise I won't mess it up.
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Thanks. I'll put it back if you don't like it.

[Money approaches the board and Simon, not missing a beat, flicks a penny away from it, sending the monkey off.]
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Yeah. The circus I work for is super small, so we don't get a lot of downtime. And I'm still in training, so I need to put in extra hours.

[Starts putting names down the side.]

These things are kind of fun. I've never played with one before.
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It's for the best. We'd have lost all these little pieces on the inside of a week.
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No kidding. I feel like I've aged about a hundred years in the past week.
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Poor girl. There's no way she'd be used to things like this.
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Oh yeah, good point.


You think they'd do a circus show for yours truly?
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I still can't believe it! I wish I was that date-able in real life.

[laughs lightly]

I could do an animal act. It would be kind of a sad animal act with just Money and Hocus, though.