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TNDG Day 10: Clique Post

[The call that went out for the remaining Ushiromiyas was a single hoarse holler. Into the sci-fi set they go. Lotus is here, wearing a knee-length dress of such sheer and currently unsmooth fabric that she may or may not have slept in it. Her bedside table hosts a red-and-black checkered glass of heavily diluted absinthe, and a bouquet of blue and white flowers.]

All of us are here who are going to be here? Good.
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Something about whether he's getting laid or not?

[That's better than alive or dead...]
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...It's not something like a "put buttered-toast on top of the cat and then drop it upside down and see what happens," sort of thing, is it?
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I would be willing to do that. It would be nice to keep Eva-neesan's hotel pass as a real trump card but getting a move on having more people sent to the hotel is a good idea. And really, we should be looking after our own in that anyway. It's great to have more like-minded people, but frankly those are also the people who then most deserve our protection. If Clover and Snake don't mind being sent off, and if Eva doesn't mind giving up her pass, I'll vote that way.

On that note, is anyone making a bid for the hotel pass?
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Hey, I have a really nice reputation too, you know? Or ahve you heard something?
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I don't want everyone to think I'm some awful person, but you're more or less right. When it comes down to it, I don't mind laying down the law. It isn't actually something terrible after all, if they can understand that more people will be saved this way.
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[Clover hesitates, twiddling her fingers, but finally looks up with a more determined expression.]

If it's the only way...I'd choose the hotel over death on national TV any day. Neither of us have any votes, and if Eva's okay with using up her hotel pass on either of us, we can do it.

Just...just promise us that you'll play to the end. [A pause.] For as long as you can.
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Agreed. If this is the only way to make it through today, it's better if we begin to save ourselves.
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[She looks up at him and takes his hand.]

Yeah. I guess we can't rely on vote strategy all the time now.
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...What's Eva-nee-san's idea of this plan?
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All right... it is her pass, after all.
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If everyone else is agreed, I'm willing to use the pass.
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Thank you--I hope it works out too.

[There is a hint of an implied "or else" at the end of that.]