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TNDG Day 10: I naively thought at first that there were going to be fewer posts than day 8

((Content warning: Verbal allusion to "sexual favors".))

[With no patience or tact whatsoever Lotus runs up to Niles, heels stomping.]

I need you to vote for Mary. I'm sorry I didn't ask you to do it earlier when we were having so many problems getting your trade together. If you need proof of why it's important, we can talk about it more in private. But it's very important indeed.
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...My, I like it when you have that intense look on your face.

Too bad I already have someone in mind... someone who will certainly pay me back for it later. Why do you need me?
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[Grimaces. Oh boy that was a trigger. Lotus you have no idea of his past.]

...Look, I know how I act, but I... don't actually want "sexual favors" from anyone.

Anyway, you still have a vote, why don't you do it? And if you need to change someone's mind, why not talk to someone who knows her. I've never even spoken to her before.
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...Huh? Doubling a vote on someone? Do you have any idea how bad that's going to look for you, even if she's not one of the ones left?
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Hmph. I'm not attacking anyone; Lord Corrin made me promise I wouldn't, and I follow his direction in battle. I only suspect I might need to defend myself, given that the hotel pass may be pushing people to resort to all sorts of desperate acts.

Yes, it will look bad for you. Think that will go over well when you're the one in the position of maybe being "left out in the cold"? Forget that. You're wasting a vote and asking me to pick up your slack, when my votes have already been decided.
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[Steps sideways, trying to see her face.]

...You're... you're saying saying Aoi asked for this? He wants Clover to be saved this way?
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That's strange, Aoi was so very specific to me about how he wouldn't send anyone he cares about to the hotel. Maybe he doesn't like Clover all that much. Or you're trying to play me.

Just stop the "raving", I'm not the most empathetic soul here. I'll tell you what, though. I kind of want to help you. But you have to talk to Okuyasu, if you can get him to refuse my vote, I'll vote the way you asked. I already feel kind of bad for the guy after what I put him through, so I'll leave you to be the one to apologize to him for making him face death.
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Well, he's one of the reasons I even have this many votes...

[Sobers to a more serious expression.]

...Hey, if you ever feel again like you need to offer "sexual favors" to make a deal here... you don't really have to, okay? You don't want to start on that path of selling yourself for favors or coins. It's not... pleasant. Things aren't that bad here right now.