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Sep. 24th, 2017 03:31 pm
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See announcement post for character eligibility.

To play, just fill out the form and drop it here. You can put placeholders for likes/dislikes as long as you have them in before game start. No need to overthink those; they’re just to give us ideas.

R4 Announcement

Sep. 24th, 2017 03:28 pm
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Murder Kiss Kill: The Dating Game that Keeps On Killing
Hosts: Little Debbie & the Swiss Miss

This is a murder/dating PSL.The first week will be game-wide speed dating, in which no one will be harmed. After that, the real fun will begin.

Each IC day, the group is broken up into double-dates (will include three-way dates when numbers are uneven). You all do a "romantic" activity together, and at the end label each as your Marry, your Kiss, or your Kill, with a brief description why. You must vote for one of each, and you can only vote for the other people in your foursome. This is how they will be scored:

Marry = 2 points
Kiss = 1 point
Kill = 0 points

Point totals will be carried with each contestant throughout the entire game, and are used to decide who ends up killed at the end of each round. In the event that a large number of players have the same lowest score, current round of marry-kiss-kill will serve as a tiebreaker.

Dates are posted as top-levels in an open post describing the content/theme of the date. Players may interact with anyone during the day, but must complete the date activity with their datemates. Actually marrying, kissing, or killing is discouraged during a date. THIS IS A FAMILY-FRIENDLY SHOW.

At the end of the day, whoever has the lowest amount of points has to leave the game, generally by trap door. So maybe you should learn to be better at dating!

Those who survive to the end will get ~fabulous prizes~ to share with their special someone.


Players: This is a PSL open to anyone on [plurk.com profile] misailury or [plurk.com profile] lollerdash’s timelines. If you are on one of said timelines, you may bring a +1 who isn’t.
Characters: Fictional characters from published works who are mentally AND physically high school/undergrad aged. While the dating aspects of this RP are going to be PG at most, everybody will have the chance to date everybody and we’d rather not have huge, creepy age differences.

Characters may keep continuity from previous rounds of The Newlydead Game

Currently you may bring one character. This may change depending on how many sign-ups we get, but no promises.


The game is meant to last six weeks, starting on Friday, October 6.

Rounds take an OOC week, corresponding to a day in IC time.
Double dates are posted Saturday morning PST
KMK Votes must be in by Thursday 6PM PST
Results are posted on Friday
Mingle posts will occur simultaneously to date posts


You must play in your date post and make your Marry-Kiss-Kill vote each week in order to make activity. If you do not play in the date, the others’ votes will default to ‘Kill’ for your character.

However if you know you’re going to drop, we would strongly prefer you just let us know in advance.


Signup Post.
Game plurk: [plurk.com profile] murderparty
Discord link

If you have any questions, the best place to deposit them is here, so other players can see!


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