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[It is about one in the morning, shortly after the vote allocations were announced. Lotus wanders out of the shower, wearing a teal bathrobe, hair elaborately coiled in a towel. She is making a bedline for a bed in the sci-fi set.

However, her eyes happen across Gorix who is struggling with existence in general.]

Do you need any help?
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[Gorix, who has been trying and failing to climb up on a bed for a few minutes, is currently in the process of figuring out where exactly his life has gone wrong. He's gone through worse stuff in the past and done okay! He once spent an entire day crawling upside down hanging from a ceiling. THIS BED ISN'T EVEN THAT TALL.

He's not having the greatest of days, really.]

...yes, please.

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[He's not sure what he expected when he asked for help but he definitely wasn't prepared for that. He awkwardly shuffles in the bed.]

Erm, thanks, but I think I'm good. Thanks for helping me out, though.

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Actually, we don't. I'd never seen her before. I understand why you'd reach that conclusion, though.
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Well, honestly I was originally planning to try and make an alliance with her, since we were definitely taken from the same... general place? But I ended up changing my mind. [He shrugs.]

Do you know anyone else in here?

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I imagine it must be. You shouldn't try to push yourself too hard, though.

I'm giving my vote to someone who got none. I talked to Zelda and she said she'd organize things so someone would vote for me, but if that's not sorted out by tomorrow... [He sighs.]

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Wait- really? Are you sure? Um, I already agreed to give my vote away, so I couldn't give it back to you right away... Do you want me to vote for you next round, then...?
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Of course. Thank you so much again. [He smiles meekly.] I'll do my best to repay you in any way I can.
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Hm... Well, is there anything you need? I'll definitely give you my vote next round, but if there's anything else you need help with, I'll be glad to, so please tell me if you need anything.

[He looks down at the bed he probably should have been able to climb on his own but was too tired to, still a bit embarrased.] I also owe you for helping me get up here...

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Oh. I'm actually trained in espionage, combat and military strategy, so... if someone threatens or attacks you, I could help. [he's just going to do his best to pretend he wasn't caught having trouble climbing to a bed. HE'S HAD BETTER DAYS.] But let's hope that won't be necessary.

I can't say I'd be too excited to carry things, but if you want me to, then sure. I seriously owe you big time.

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[Now that's something he can do.]

Well, obviously I can't make any promises. If they knew who they were bringing here, they can't have made it too easy. [And he can't assume the organizers didn't need to account for what other contestants might do either- who knows what they might have prepared for.]

That said, you can count on me to get you whatever I can.

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[He reaches to bump her fist.


I think that's going to wait until tomorrow, though. [He's pretty tired and this has been a Long Day for Many Reasons.]