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TNDG DAY 7: Loaded Observation Organization Session

[Lotus has decisively left Rohan and Mac unsupervised for exactly one period of time, instructing them to procure any guitars they need at their convenience.

She returns with meals to use as bait luring them into her lair - in addition to the standard fries, there is a chicken sandwich and mineral water for Rohan, a quarter pounder and ice tea for herself, and a whopper and light beer for Mac. Here they are in the conference room of the sci-fi set. A keyboard is off to the side by the edge of the table where papers with lyrics and sheet music are strewn. There is a consistent scent of smoke from the adjoining room; faint, clearly from a candle and not a concerning fire.

Most of the table is taken up by articles of clothing. A white hoodie, a white lab coat, a white blazer; golden and teal necklaces and beads and bow ties and neckties and chokers; black slacks, black leather pants, black skinny jeans; a spectrum of teal shirts ranging from loose tees to glorified brassieres.]

So I figure we should get our outfits settled and then we can have dress rehearsals soon without changing anything. What are we going for, characters? Same color, different color? Just ourselves but edgy?
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[ Rohan doesn't need to be baited with food he only eats out of necessity but he breezes into the predetermined area with a vintage-y (probably bootleg) stratocaster slung over his shoulder.

He spots the clothing first. Lotus has been hard at work. ]

Look at you go. [ A shrewd appraisal: ] I personally like the same-color idea with a unique style for each of us. Dress and accessorize according to personal taste but in the same colors. White and teal is perfect if you ask me.
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[Busy admiring himself with a guitar strapped on in a reflective surface.]

Yeah, yeah, sure. [Clearly not listening. Distracted by his own reflection.]
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[ At least HE isn't peacocking at his own reflection for once. Rohan's on a mission. ]

Yes, play what you have and I will freestyle it from there. [ Don't mind him casually bopping Mac on the head. ] Pay attention. You will have plenty of time to look at yourself later.

[ Gently removing the Jimi Hendrix Strat replica of questionable value from around his shoulder, he props it up against the table. Finger dance over the array of clothing from modest to immodest. Black pants... to a black leather skirt deal with belt buckles and silver studs in bizarre places. ]

... I have a pair of tall, studded boots floating around in my dressing room that would look great with this. Sheer white lace top with some of that jewelry. I think I have a look. [ Oh the diva in him is in love. ]

Hm...? [ His eyes swing over his shoulder to Lotus working her magic. Somewhere near the middle he snaps his finger-- ] That's it! That's our song! [ He hops away from outfit-picking and fumbles his guitar up to start plucking at it with what the woman is putting out from the keyboard. Chill and funky enough to move along with without being TOO laid-back. A little of that The Eagles-esque realness.

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Damn, that's actually really cool! We're going to get so many groupies!

[Plus Rohan's happiness is contagious. Mac finishes yanking a shirt on that he was jabbing at with a pair of scissors and offers a highfive.]

Yeah! I could definitely spit some blood around the middle, and wail on my guitar behind my head at the end.
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[ Rohan, for one, isn't going to dESTROY HIS CLOTHES. The playthrough goes by swimmingly and Rohan looks and feels like he is in his element again despite not actually being a musician. It's beautiful.

When they finish, he claps his hands. ]

Bravo~ [ Preening, heels clicking on the floor excitedly: ] 'Home' is perfect, Lotus. Thank you for all of your work. And you, Mac--

You aren't terrible. Fabulous.