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TNDG Day 9: Third Date

[By the evening, their hosts have set them up a separate section with a tablecloth, candles, and an array of Occidental food. Lotus walks a little slowly into the room. She's thrown a feminine overcoat, navy blue wool with gold buttons, over the teal-printed white T-shirt and navy blue sweatpants that she's been wearing all day. She is definitely a little deprived of energy.]

Ha... [With her breath regained, she addresses Ronove earnestly.] Evening, Ronove. Hope I didn't keep you waiting.
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[Ronove brought a teapot and some food for later, prepared with as much care and expertise as one may expect from him. He greets Lotus with friendliness]

That's not a problem. I'm flattered you're willing to spend time with me even if it's as a result of this game's challenges.

[He does look rather sincere about that!]

I still owe you for your help not too long ago. Needless to say, I'm willing to use my vote according to your indications -- including voting for you, if that's what you want.
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[Ronove adjusts one of his gloves methodically, pensive]

It'd be nice to have someone to consider a friend around here, if you're willing to think of me as a friend.

[Most of his relationships are intermingled with his job, it'd be a nice change of pace to have a friendship that doesn't involve work in any way]

That sounds promising. This shall be a time for complete secrecy, then. Nobody will hear a word of what you tell me. My, what'd Milady say if she heard I'll be keeping another woman's secrets as zealously as I keep hers, pu ku ku...
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[That's a rather surprising tale. Convoluted, involving a lot of people, and with more lives at risk than he had expected there to be. Ronove is silent for a moment, repeating a few parts of her testimony to himself, before nodding]

I see. In the end, Katou put the life of Zelda ahead of himself. That's a rather noble thing to do, and it's a shame that young man sacrificed himself like he did. It sounds like he deserved better than that.

Leaving that aside, I don't think your reputation would be wrecked if Katou had said anything about you. Juggling these votes is a responsibility nobody should have, it makes that person a target, but you did your best with what you had. Not only it is unreasonable to see you as the cause of someone's death -- the hosts want it to happen. The more discord there's around, the more likely it is they'll stoke it even more. You're doing the right thing by not letting yourself feel mad about what you did.

Katou had his own life in his own hands and chose to give Zelda a chance. That was his decision, you didn't force him to do it.

[There's something strange about knowing everything that had to happen for Ronove to be saved. It's a conflicting feeling Ronove isn't sure how to deal with]

With some luck, you won't find yourself in a situation like that one again. What a heartless game this is...

I appreciate the vote of confidence, Lotus. If you're willing I can tell you something confidential as well, since it involves me and those four women of the Ushiromiya family we have here.
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You're right, I hold no blood relation to the Ushiromiya family in any way. However, this sigil can be given to valued servants too -- only when given by the head of the family, that is. Being Milady's butler, I was given the sigil.

I'm aware my presence here has raised those four's suspicions. I have the feeling there have been discussions about myself and about who I am, and they all have tried to find out the truth. To be frank I have deceived all of them so far, giving them pieces of information that sound true but are largely inaccurate.

[How to tell it in simple terms...]

It's said the island of Rokkenjima has two masters, one by day and one by night. The master everyone knows is Kinzo Ushiromiya, the patriarch of the Ushiromiya family. He's quite a fearsome man, and his life and work are legendary. It's said he summoned an otherwordly being and obtained several tons of gold. That Beatrice, known as the Golden Witch. There's a certain measure of truth, Kinzo did obtain an outrageous amount of gold ingots from Beatrice.

Since then, the legend of the Golden Witch permeates the island of Rokkenjima. That's the master of the island at night. Many tales have been woven about Beatrice, and she is treated with fear and reverence by the servants of the Ushiromiya manor.

That's the master I serve. Milady is Beatrice. We are aware of the secrets and lives of the family, as you may imagine.

[Ronove pauses, about to go into a bit of the supernatural side]

As you're aware thanks to this game, there are many worlds connected to each other, so by now you may not consider it impossible that there are also different planes of existence. That's where I reside. Beatrice and I are in an entirely different plane of existence than the Ushiromiya family, and that's what the Ushiromiyas among us aren't aware of. Rosa believes I'm working under Kinzo's direction in a different manor, while Kyrie thinks the legend of Beatrice is a way to cover up a sordid relationship with a mistress and that I'm working for that mistress.

[It's all complicated to tell, and while Ronove didn't outright state he's a demon, by now it may be clear that he's not human]

Did you understand or did I make this too convoluted?
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Your assessment are correct. The hosts of this game made the mistake of kidnapping them before the family conference, where they were all prepared to get into a tough argument with Natsuhi and her husband. It's no surprise they're still on edge.

[No matter what 'important' means, chances are that Lotus wants them alive no matter what, so he chooses to believe that]

I hold no ill feelings or any particular affection towards those four, but I don't actively want any of them dead. In fact, if it were up to me, I'd send the four of them to the hotel as soon as possible, to save their lives in this game. Mary sending Natsuhi to the hotel was lucky happenstance, yet I can't take credit for it. Their consolation prizes may change their lives to the better back in our world, too.
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...the moment Kyrie or Eva or Rosa leave will be the moment the remaining two will have to start relying on the rest of us. It'd be simple to make it happen in a round like this one, where there are people with several extra votes. One single vote more on one of them...that'd all it'd take to force it to happen.

[Ronove chuckles]

Lotus, I can guarantee that none of them will accept going to the hotel voluntarily. Eva is staunch in her goals, Rosa is more devious and intelligent than anyone can imagine, and Kyrie is a fearsome woman, willing to take risks no matter what. Out of the four, Natsuhi is the only one that'd accept the offer to go to the hotel.

If they are to be saved, it'll have to be behind their backs, as shady as that may sound.
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What's the difference between stages, if I may ask? It's a strange way to think of this game.
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It's an interesting way to think about it, and makes sense. Now that you mention it, it wouldn't be strange for the hosts to introduce a new mechanic once the game starts getting into that final phase. It's going to be a while before we reach it, though.

It makes me wonder who among us is going to continue in the game long enough to reach it. There are many here that are determined enough to get there, and it's still too early to know what exactly they're all willing to do to achieve it.

[...oh. Right. What they're willing to do...]

I wonder if anyone's going to make a move for the hotel pass.
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[Still, that's a surprise]

Ene...I admit I didn't think she would. It's worrying she's boasting about that in public. People who do that don't tend to do something harmless.

[...speaking of his own experiences with Beatrice, at least]
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Anything that ends in the loss of life will outdo that bomb.

[Ronove serves tea, until now he hasn't eaten anything. It seems he had been waiting for Lotus to finish her portions before he started digging in]

I had the impression Aku liked fire. I heard he was threatening to torch someone with his eyebrows the first day. Judging from that, it may not be illogical to think he may have knowledge the rest of us didn't -- in terms of fire and incendiary artifacts.

Now that you mention Snake, Clover and did you come to know them? Especially Junpei, he's a charming young man. Reminds me of Milady's guest back at home in some ways, pu ku ku
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Don't worry. I don't intend to pry if you don't want to. Besides it may be for the better, as I'd otherwise have to tell you much deeper secrets -- and I fear those may influence your behavior towards the Ushiromiyas.

If you say you're all from a tai chi club, then I will believe that.

[It's not like that's something vital he needs to know, after all]
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I'm fine with that.

[Ronove takes out his tablet, voting for Lotus]

It's done. Of course if you or Zelda think I should change it then I will, but you're safe now.