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((Content warning: Seven's funeral.))

[Lotus has returned to the sci-fi set and shed her skin. Her head free of braids and ornaments, her make-up washed off, her bangles removed, all she has left are waves of black hair and her black widow suit. The contrast creates an impression of dishevelment and recent crying even though she is clean and clear eyed by any empirical assessment.

She sits on her bed and claps once.]

Let's get everything over with.
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[ Santa's in one of the suits Kyrie got for him and he's tugging on his new scarf as he stands nearby. His eyes are reddened but he'll kick the ass of anyone who mentions it, funeral service be damned.

He's probably not going to speak first either, but he will if someone forces him to.
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[personal profile] jinglebros 2017-05-01 03:21 am (UTC)(link) fucking clue. Snake?

[ Santa isn't sure whether or not he'd feel comfortable doing that, but if it's required of him... ]
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[also here]

Uh... Does anyone want to say anything?
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I don't know what to say that possibly matches what he's done for me over nine years.

I really fucking don't.
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[... Well if no-one else is planning to start.... June takes a deep breath, to steady herself.]

I never knew him very well. I never really had a chance. I know he was a good man though, and a true hero, because there isn't anyone else who could or would have done everything that... everything he did for all of us. Four of us would have died without him, or maybe all of us, because he was the one who got us back to land. Someone else might not have done so much, anyone else might not have, and... I'll owe him a debt forever, in any worlds I might find myself in.
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[June's pretty face is hard, and set like it's been frozen.]

I'll help you. Because I'm going to win here, no matter what, and we can burn this place down afterwards, with everything left.
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No tattoos. Just a lot of kissing and telling the fucking truth.

[ He's annoyed by the latter and it definitely shows. ]
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I feel like everything's getting harder, and there's not as great a reward for it. I mean, I at least got something today, and didn't the first day, but still.
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Maybe that first time was just to give us a false sense of security.
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I... I mostly asked for dares. It seemed easier.

[... says the girl who's still dressed as a purple playboy bunny. At least she got a jacket somewhere, and has taken off the shoes.]
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A couple people know my name. But that doesn't really impact most of you.

[ Sorry, June. ]
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Nope, I only did truths with you guys.

...I dunno if telling Mari my hobbies counts, but I just told her I like chemistry, puzzles, and some reading. Which aren't lies. [Clover shrugs.]
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I only have one vote. Maybe... it should be for Jumpy? Since he voted for me last time.
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Kyrie is voting for me, so nobody do that. I'm voting for June, obviously. [ Pause ] Clover, you need a vote?
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She's got to be, since she told me straight she was voting for me, and I trust her. [ He's firm about this. ] I don't know if anyone is voting for her. Obviously, I'll do it if nobody else is.
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Yeah, that would be nice.

[ Santa doesn't sound enthused. Blame it on being stuck on the number. ]
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Yeah! That'd be great.
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Then I'll cover you.
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Thanks. I owe you a vote next time, then.
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I'm voting for Snake so he's covered.