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Permissions // CMO

Thread tracker in comments.
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1. If you want to opt out of interaction with Lotus for any reason, or not speak to me, say the word.

2. 999 is a canon with lots of spoilers and even Lotus having opinions about the other characters present in-game is kind of itself a spoiler. The first time that 999 spoilers are mentioned within a thread I will try to put "999 spoilers" in the subject line. However you can comment to make me as spoiler free as possible within our own threads.

3. CONTENT WARNING FOR DEPRESSION/SI/SUICIDE, 999 ALTERNA NOVEL SPOILERS: tl;dr if even slight implications of this are undesirable LMK and I will keep it out
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2027-04-18 06:27 pm

Open Post

[Do you want to have a Lotus thread? Great! That makes two of us! Leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.]
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2017-05-24 12:37 am

TNDG Day 10: I naively thought at first that there were going to be fewer posts than day 8

((Content warning: Verbal allusion to "sexual favors".))

[With no patience or tact whatsoever Lotus runs up to Niles, heels stomping.]

I need you to vote for Mary. I'm sorry I didn't ask you to do it earlier when we were having so many problems getting your trade together. If you need proof of why it's important, we can talk about it more in private. But it's very important indeed.
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2017-05-22 11:59 am

TNDG Day 10: Clique Post

[The call that went out for the remaining Ushiromiyas was a single hoarse holler. Into the sci-fi set they go. Lotus is here, wearing a knee-length dress of such sheer and currently unsmooth fabric that she may or may not have slept in it. Her bedside table hosts a red-and-black checkered glass of heavily diluted absinthe, and a bouquet of blue and white flowers.]

All of us are here who are going to be here? Good.
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2017-05-21 08:20 pm

TNDG Day 9: Third Date

[By the evening, their hosts have set them up a separate section with a tablecloth, candles, and an array of Occidental food. Lotus walks a little slowly into the room. She's thrown a feminine overcoat, navy blue wool with gold buttons, over the teal-printed white T-shirt and navy blue sweatpants that she's been wearing all day. She is definitely a little deprived of energy.]

Ha... [With her breath regained, she addresses Ronove earnestly.] Evening, Ronove. Hope I didn't keep you waiting.
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2017-05-21 08:08 pm

TNDG Day 9: First Date

[Lotus is perched at a barstool, writing down the fourth round version of the lite brite board on a notepad. Her seat is within arms reach of the long table that has rolled out with the food for the date; hors d'oeuvres, some sweet, some pretty substantial like sandwiches, the type of thing you see at a conference and can get away with eating as your food for the whole evening if you manage to fight your way through the crowd for seconds.]

The boards will probably be easier to work with if you take them down first, then put them flat over there.

[She points at a nearby pool table.]
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2017-05-21 07:32 pm

TNDG Day 9: Second Date

[Lotus is hanging outside the prop room. Not far from that door, there's a second, unfamiliar opening in the wall. Those golden high-heels are sitting in the genkan, though maybe it's hasty to use that description when the rest of the room that is currently blocked off with drills running. Lotus is already wearing sleek navy blue roller skates with teal wheels, matching the navy blue sweatpants and teal-printed white T-shirt that she had already been wearing. There are black skates with purple wheels in her hands. Her body thrums with a nervous energy that may be more than the vacillations of her roller blades on the ground; Kyrie may be sufficiently familiar with the signs to deduce that Lotus has consumed a serious quantity of caffeine that just now really started to kick in.

She locks eyes with Kyrie and chipperly greets her with a cliche:]

It's okay, I just got here myself~
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2017-05-19 11:58 pm

TNDG Day 9

Severe content warning: If you said no on the permissions post DO NOT READ THIS LOG. It's worse once I wrote it than the permissions post made it sound. Content warning for alcohol abuse, extremely explicit suicidal ideation, basically saying someone should die possibly through suicide, wrist trauma, domestic issues, a brief mention of abortion that did not happen, and of all things a moderately severe spoiler for Zero Time Dilemma. What follows is a summary for people who would like to be aware of what happened. If you do not want to see a summary before the content, please skip to the content by clicking here.

summary )

content )
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2017-05-19 01:08 am


[Lotus is walking through the hallways, rattling a large bottle of whiskey in her hand.]

Where's Charlie Kelly... I'll be so screwed if I don't find him... I have no idea who's going to finish all this whiskey...

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2017-05-18 01:23 pm

TNDG Day 8 (too many logs this day)

[So Lotus finds Dee at the bar. Under her arm she is holding a few bepegged lite brite boards and a bottle of what she optimistically assumes is vodka. It's transparent, she found it behind the bar, and it's labeled in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Lotus extends her free hand to the other woman.]

Hello, Miss Dee. I'm Lotus. May I borrow you for a moment, please? [She's playing up the Japanese accent on her English more than usual, though not enough to be difficult to understand.]
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2017-05-17 08:38 pm


((SEVERE CONTENT WARNING: Suicidal ideation, survivor's guilt, telling someone they should commit suicide, it's all very bad.))

cut )
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2017-05-15 03:15 pm

TNDG Day 8

[Wearing a loosely buttoned leisure suit, Lotus along with Kyrie corners Katou by the bar.]

Hey, Katou, do you have some time to talk? I mean, you probably do, it's not like we're escaping any time soon.
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2017-05-13 03:10 pm

TNDG DAY 7: Loaded Observation Organization Session

[Lotus has decisively left Rohan and Mac unsupervised for exactly one period of time, instructing them to procure any guitars they need at their convenience.

She returns with meals to use as bait luring them into her lair - in addition to the standard fries, there is a chicken sandwich and mineral water for Rohan, a quarter pounder and ice tea for herself, and a whopper and light beer for Mac. Here they are in the conference room of the sci-fi set. A keyboard is off to the side by the edge of the table where papers with lyrics and sheet music are strewn. There is a consistent scent of smoke from the adjoining room; faint, clearly from a candle and not a concerning fire.

Most of the table is taken up by articles of clothing. A white hoodie, a white lab coat, a white blazer; golden and teal necklaces and beads and bow ties and neckties and chokers; black slacks, black leather pants, black skinny jeans; a spectrum of teal shirts ranging from loose tees to glorified brassieres.]

So I figure we should get our outfits settled and then we can have dress rehearsals soon without changing anything. What are we going for, characters? Same color, different color? Just ourselves but edgy?
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2017-05-12 04:55 pm

TNDG Day 6

[Lotus is in her dressing room sitting at the vanity as the robot arm touches up her makeup. Nice thick mascara in case somebody dies that she'd have to look sad about in public. The door is cracked. In her peripheral vision, she sees the flash of purple coming towards her.]

What's up, June? Want to use my makeup machine, going for a more "hot" look?
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2017-05-10 02:38 pm

TNDG day 6

[Holding a bag of fast food and a glass of iced tea, Lotus walks out of the fast food buffet towards a table, giving a wide berth to the bar where sits a reeking corpse.

As she sits down, she locks eyes with Rohan, who is presumably somewhere in the common area.]

Hey there, Rohan. Are you having lunch soon? I know it's disgusting, but we probably shouldn't outright skip it.
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2017-05-05 02:15 pm


((Content warning arguably Lotus experiencing suicidal ideation again and trying to split the other game characters into worthy or unworthy of continued life.))

[Lotus comes knocking on the door of Zelda's dressing room.]

Hey, Zelda, is everything okay? How's the search for a volunteer going?
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2017-05-04 09:20 pm

6 999s + 3 Ushiromiyas (TNDG Day 6)

((CONTENT WARNING: Extremely dubious and detailed discussion of teenager's assisted suicide in the Help A Robot thread??? There is also a lot of yelling in some of the other threads that has dubious properties due to domestic context IT'S BEEN A MONTH SINCE THIS LOG AND I WASN'T IN ALL THE THREADS SO PEOPLE PLEASE HELP ME IF THERE ARE CONTENT WARNINGS I AM NOT INCLUDING...))

[It is the morning after the tattoo game and the ominous vote distribution. Breakfast of milkshakes and whatever else people brought is set out on a conference table in the sci-fi set. Through the doorways, from the room where these people all sleep, there is a faint smoke from the candle at the shrine for Seven, a counter with a portrait, water, and fruit.

Lotus lifts her eyebrows once everyone is there.]

Hip hip hooray, let's face the day.
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2017-04-30 09:59 pm


((Content warning: Seven's funeral.))

[Lotus has returned to the sci-fi set and shed her skin. Her head free of braids and ornaments, her make-up washed off, her bangles removed, all she has left are waves of black hair and her black widow suit. The contrast creates an impression of dishevelment and recent crying even though she is clean and clear eyed by any empirical assessment.

She sits on her bed and claps once.]

Let's get everything over with.
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2017-04-24 05:51 pm


[It is about one in the morning, shortly after the vote allocations were announced. Lotus wanders out of the shower, wearing a teal bathrobe, hair elaborately coiled in a towel. She is making a bedline for a bed in the sci-fi set.

However, her eyes happen across Gorix who is struggling with existence in general.]

Do you need any help?